Why I Won’t Vote For Labour or Rudd

I have to vent about what the current Australian government is doing to the country.

They spend like mad because they inherited a sizable amount from the opposition government and are making so many incredibly stupid and expensive mistakes!

That money could have gone towards the sorely needed school repairs, the under paid teachers, the aging hospital system, I could go on! But instead, it was wasted on stupid schemes to buy votes.

They love buying votes from the average Joe, but even their regular supporters are dropping away. The ones left are not properly informed, kept in the dark or worse.. they’ve been bought. As much as this government likes to claim they wanna help the working man, behind the scenes, they’re doing anything BUT!

If you’re a labour voter, you can look at this list and research it yourself if you think I’m making it up.

Let’s see what Labour & Prime Minister Rudd has done so far:

1) Baby Bonus – a debacle where bad mothers can spend the money on anything other than their kids (I’m not talking about the good mothers, I’m talking about the ones who used it on plasmas, drugs and booze instead of their newborns). It wasn’t even means tested in the beginning so anyone with a vag popping out babies can get it (underage mums, drug abusers, millionaires who don’t need this money..)

2) Emissions Trading Sscheme – which is just a big tax on the people which will also increase your electricity bill. It’s a scheme even the Greens party (the environmentalists) didn’t support because they know it doesn’t cut carbon emissions! (thank goodness it was blocked and scrapped – so where’s Rudd gonna get the money to clear our nation’s debts? Miners of course!).

3) National Broadband Network  (NBN)  & Telstra – Rudd bullying Telstra to sell it’s wholesale network so they can use it at rock bottom prices to roll out their broadband network to middle of nowhere places at tax payers expense to benefit a few people – the irony being the overall cost of broadband to regional and urban customers will cost MORE under Rudd even though Telstra already offers 4 times faster speed broadband than what Rudd promised but at lower price! Also, if they do manage to force Telstra to break apart (so govt can take their wholesale network), Telstra shares will drop in value – most Aussie battlers’ superannuations have investments in Telstra!!! So it means when you retire, you’ll have even less $ because of Rudd.

4) ISP Filter – anyone watch 4 Corners on ABC last night? Teens as well as old people can override the filter by Googling it! My gran can do it too! Do you think pedophiles can’t do the same? It won’t protect the children, they’re using it to protect  Senator Conroy’s interests. Even the US government is saying the filter is like China’s internet censorship policy. Rudd must love China’s censorship policy – my blog could be blocked one day because I’m calling Conroy an as$h0le. Freedom of speech and internet will be culled. You know what’s funny? All the ISP providers (Optus, Unwired, Primus etc) who tested the government’s filter said there are MAJOR flaws in it. They found 38 ways to override the filter – all by Googling loopholes! When everyone asked Senator Conroy to show an independent report (funded by tax payer) on whether the filter is good or bad, he refused to release it =) I wonder why??? What’s worse, he accused anyone who is anti-filter that they must be pedophiles! How dare that f***ing s*****b**** make such claims, it’s an insult, particularly to those who have been victims of sexual child abuse! If he actually cared for the children, he would set up a task force whose main purpose is to CATCH pedophiles not blacklist some sites and let the pedophiles run free!

5) Insulation Scheme – a debacle which killed people, cost us tax payers $1 billion dollars and not to mention the thousands of fire risks sitting on people’s ceilings. Plus the unknown amount of money that will cost the tax payer to fix up all the dangerous installations! And guess what? Garret wasn’t even fired for it! Gee if they were a corporation which did a scheme that killed people, caused fires in people’s homes and put thousands of other homes at risk I’m sure the CEO would go to jail – unless of course you’re a politician in the Australian government – you get to hide and collect money from the people you were meant to protect.

6) MySchool Website– a website which does not give a comprehensive review of all schools in general, de-ranking regional schools and making teachers unhappy. It’s even causing parents to pull children out of schools because they think the school will make their kids “dumb” – regardless of how dedicated the teachers are.

7) Payments to Billionaires for Favours – Senator CONroy’s dodgy dealings with channel 7 & channel 9 giving them $250 million dollars to the billionaire CEOs of both TV stations  so they can be favourable to Labour’s campaigns when election time comes. And how did the CEOs of channel 7 and channel 9 thank Senator Conroy for his I’m-so-innocent-because-I-am-Christian generousity? By taking him on ski trips and holidays, by making sure unfavourable things about Conroy are hushed from the Australian public. Oh man Telstra should seriously take a note from these guys and take Conroy on a snow trip too.

8 ) The 40% Tax on Mining Companies – the sector which is fueling Australia’s current growth is being punished. Why aren’t they taxing the banks which make just as much!? This tax will drive investment offshore (to Canada), cut jobs in Western Australia, the price of mining shares (like BHP, Rio) will go down which mean YOUR super will also lower as most super companies invest in mining stocks! Which really isn’t helping Aussie battlers are they?!? So what does the government do to cover the drop in funds when the superannuation companies lose money from their mining investments? Make the employers fill the gap by increasing super contributions so hopefully the dumb labour voters won’t notice! Won’t that piss businesses and employers off? Of course, so they tell them that in the 2010 budget, they’re going to be generous to business owners by giving them a 2% cut in company tax so they won’t vote Kevvy off.

9) R18+ Rating for Games – well lack of more like. We are the only OECD country which allows the watching of R18+ movies but not R18+ games. It’s funny because anyone can get p0rn online, even graphic images are easy to come by. There is no law to say kids can’t watch or buy R18+ movies because my local video store has ‘Girls Gone Wild’ and Kama Sultra sex DVDs on the lower shelves where kids can reach and take home to watch.  Yet games where there’s shooting or zombies is far far more inappropriate for kids than watching adults having sex on a DVD – that’s what the government is essentially saying. What’s even more lame, anyone with a Paypal account can buy violent games from overseas and get it shipped here to play. Kids don’t even need their parent’s credit cards anymore to set up a Paypal account, as long as they have a normal bank account it will work.

And that my friends, is just the tip of the ice burg. What will another 4 years with Rudd bring to our table? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Abbott either but right now, he is the lesser of two evils. I’d vote for the Greens but their votes go towards Labour so no thanks.

Honestly, if you still want to vote for Labour, then the Liberals should give you two rounds of $900 to see if you’ll change your mind.


Do Aliens Exist?

Yes, for many obvious reasons.

How can we be alone when our universe is so incredibly vast?

When someone asks “Do aliens exist?” what they really mean is “Do intelligent aliens exist?”

You know, aliens like the ones Captain Kirk likes to screw (anthropomorphic aliens).

Well I think there is a possibility that intelligent alien species do exist. But I doubt they will resemble ET or the aliens from Roswell. It’s likely that they’ll look like something we can’t fathom.

Six legs, three genitals, ten eyes, wings, tentacles, razor sharp fangs, big head, who knows!

But will they come in peace?

Erm..  I doubt it.

If the aliens are capable of building ships that can travel faster than the speed of light (or teleported their way through space using wormholes or God knows what) and manage to find us, I doubt they’ll go such great lengths to drop by, have a beer and become buddies.

Species (intelligent or not) have two things on their agenda:  survival and expansion.

If the intelligent aliens have mastered space travel, it means they’re no longer ‘surviving’ like lower species but they’re exploring. Exploring to do what?

Conquest for a start. To find and take new resources. To enslave or exploit new species.

Why? Just look at us humans. Deep down not all of us are humane. We can barely keep our own species alive into the next century (nuclear bombs, wars, population growth, food/water/land shortage, peak oil, global warming). Most of us could care less about other species (maybe except our pet dog or cat) on our own planet. Look at all the great “empires” of the past: the Egyptians, the Romans, the Spaniards and the British empire – their main focus was to conquer new land (to the demise of native populations). Odds are, intelligent aliens have also exhausted their home planet’s resources and are in need of more.

If they were to find us, they’d look at us the same way – a planet to be conquered.

That’s why Hawking is right about not giving away our whereabouts and trying to make contact. It bothers me that the SETI program is still running. I’m quite disturbed that they sent out probes into space with details of our human language, Earth’s location, a picture of the human body and voices recorded on a disc in case it comes into contact with intelligent aliens. Might as well make a video that says “Come get us Earthlings, we’re weaker, less intelligent than you, this is our anatomy and here’s a map on how to find us.”

Think Avatar and how the humans treated the blue natives, it will give you a good idea of things to come. If humans are more than happy to do that to a weaker species, it makes sense that an even more advanced race than ours will try the same on us.

Unless the intelligent aliens are extremely civilized and enlightened. Perhaps alien scientists out to observe and study new species in another galaxy. But odds of getting David Attenborough aliens are even lower than getting Christoper Columbus aliens.

I just can’t see these super smart beings (with guns, ships and ammo so powerful they’re equivalent to modern man using nuclear bombs against cavemen) coming all that way through space to come in peace, probe our behinds and abduct some cows.

Make A Million Dollars & I’ll Eat My Hat

Ahh.. those comforting words coming from my boyfriend. There and then, he sealed his stomach’s fate with a bet.

I couldn’t believe he was so willing to sacrifice his stomach for my success, but I guess he must want it more than his own stomach.

If you thought I was motivated before, you should see me after he made that bet.

I immediately began imagining him slowly but painfully eat a cotton hat, piece by piece. Then having a whale of a time having to give birth to the semi digested cotton stool. He likes to playfully call his stools “ferrets” so let us use that instead of stools. We’ll have to make sure that the hat isn’t made with toxic dyes so he doesn’t get rainbow, mutated ferrets.

If you’re wondering why am I being so mean to the man I love, well it all began last year when he made me feel really bad about my lack of business experience. You see, I just started my business not long ago. Profits and customers are slow to come so I’m not a success – yet. But success isn’t a matter of if but when. I believe in myself even if he doesn’t.

Being the corporate lawyer that he is, he compared himself with me when he was my age to the successes he had achieved. “What have you achieved so far? Nothing! Beggars can’t be choosers.” were his exact stinging words. I guess he was tired of seeing me struggle in a business I built from scratch, to find that the business is sucking my finances dry, to see the sacrifices I made for my family to provide for them (for my siblings and mum since our so-called dad doesn’t pay a dime of child support) and seeing how successful his friends with businesses are – and wondering why isn’t mine selling like hot cakes.

He was so ashamed of me that he refused to include me in an entrepreneur group he was invited into – even though I was invited too. His excuse was “Darling you just don’t have a successful business or the business experience to give value to the group.  Whatever your skills are, they’re covered by the existing successful people in the group..”

So from those cutting remarks, I became more determined. I love him to bits but he needs to learn a lesson. He was very supportive of my venture in the beginning of the relationship, but one night out of the blue, the ‘lawyer’ side came out and tried to ravage my confidence and undermine my business. But I refuse to let anyone cut me down.

This is why I got so excited when he said “If you become successful – make a million dollars – I’ll eat my hat, literally.” He is a man of his word so I know for a fact he will do it. So much so, I’m planning to record the day he eats his hat and pop it on youtube just so you know this is for real.

I don’t think most millionaires can make the claim “I made my first million dollars and my partner ate and shat their hat” – this will be my Dr Seuss style speech when I reach that million dollars.

He is being a willing participant and he seems to want it just as much as I do =)

Now that my $1 million dollar journey is beginning, I have to think of ways to make that money – legally of course. Doing what I love will be preferable. I’m evaluating whether my current business can make that million. If it can’t, I have to think of other means. Perhaps joining a whole new industry. Even winning the lotto won’t cut it. This is something I have to do. Wealth is nothing if you didn’t build it or earn it.

Right now, I’m just happy, excited and trying to stay positive. When the million dollar idea comes, I’ll begin working on it.


Who The Hell is Justin Bieber / Beaver?

I was minding my own business when the TV show I’m watching introduces “Justin Beaver!”

I snarled and had a chuckle at the name. “Hey there’s a douche bag on TV with the name Justin BEAVER” I told my boyfriend. Went to the kitchen to make tea (no I’m not old just because I drink tea) when I hear the voice of what sounded like an 8 year old boy. I walked back to the living room and had a spat.

WTF?!?! There’s a 12 year old kid on TV singing a song that shouldn’t be sung by any 12 year old about the opposite sex – and he sounds like his 8!!! Holy cow they start them young these days, and I thought Britney Spears being launched at 16 was too young.

Little did I know, this Zac Efron wannabe is actually 16!

Same age as my brother, except my brother is taller and actually sounds like a matured 16 year old whereas Bieber aka Beaver still sounds like he should be in primary school (middle school depending on your country).

Then a month later, he arrives in Australia to hordes of screaming teenage girls who have no idea that their dreams of procreating with this dude isn’t possible because without a dropped voice, his sperm is probably too immature to work as well.

I couldn’t believe that the evening news put Beaver’s canceled concert on the same par as Thailand’s political unrest, the economic crisis in Greece and Australia’s own important agendas. Who gives a rat’s arse – imagine it in a really Australian accent – was going through the minds of countless adult Australians. My friends messaged me “Who the f**k is justin beaver?” Those were the exact words – yes his surname does sound like beaver. My boyfriend’s boss inquired “who the hell is justin beaver?” to the team at his work. I wondered about that too.

His songs are annoying and benign (his no Michael Jackson so shut the f*** up Bieber fans – you have no argument).

He looks like a poor man’s version of Zac Efron.

He can’t dance or sing, overall not really talented if you compare him to other male artists.

He came out of NOWHERE – which should give rise to suspicion as I believe it’s a blown up sh** fest over nothing, generated by a very skillful PR company.

I wanted to do a Brian McFadden and say “f*** off and go home”

If he came out like other normal artists, if his fans were calmer, if he wasn’t plastered all over the news like a cheap velcro wallet from the $2 dollar store and if he actually sounded like a man, I wouldn’t care. But the constant raid of the airwaves and TV about this unknown, untalented boy from God knows where is getting annoying – just like his songs.

So the next time someone asks me “Who the hell is this Justin Beaver?” I’ll reply with “A beaver with a microphone and a peg on his balls”